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So, if your budget prevents you from spending an arm and a leg on the top-class, latest irons, these are a decent substitute. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. OK, maybe Keith Mitchell would be one of them promoting the brand and that has been a nice strategy of drawing the attention to Mizuno’s irons at least to non-tour players. Mizuno forged irons have become the Tour standard in forged clubs. He is a club-fitter & master club builder with more than 17 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. The official homepage for Mizuno Golf. I wish they would re-release this set. This curved muscle back blade was a favorite to many golfers, including future world No. The MP 33 had one of the longest runs in Mizuno iron history and existed in Mizuno’s lineup for more than four years. And so yea, the original Mizuno Pros are it for me. There are several thin layers placed on top of the steel during the plating process. Most of the golfers are not even aware that most of the iron grooves are hand-made finished by their most renowned craftsman after they have been processed with the Grain Flow Forging Process. $100.00. And despite being designed for advanced players, the MP-18 offers more forgiveness than expected without sacrificing the speed which is certainly one plus more. I can’t believe that you haven’t mentioned the Pro 2 blade…best shape, metal and feel EVER. The variable face thickness creates more bounce and maximizes ball speed. The connection continues after lifting the lid and discovering an actual box of Vice Pro Drip Lime golf balls, with Adidas logos, sitting in its own compartment. Ow as they where back in the day! but my favorite mizuno irons are mp-30. Not only are you chipping back towards a downslope with water behind, but it’s also now into the grain. 2 0 0. Plus, the heads of the cast Hot Metals are firmer so that the ball is quickly released into the air with greater energy transfer which results in more speed and distance. Woods. i don’t know about blades. View MP-20 . On top of it, there is welding on a cap that can hardly be seen because it is only 52mm long and only 5mm wide. IMHO they are all great, classic models. The MP-25 and MP-5 irons recently spotted at this year’s Open Championship will be available from September 1 at Mizuno’s network of European Fitting Centres. One will often see rather drastic changes year over year in the designs of woods. Mizuno JPX 900 Irons Review. However, once their use has been mastered, they will produce better than cavity back irons. 1990. Hybrids. No doubt the MP 33’s where the best blade line as they are as good. Your email address will not be published. Features The clubheads of this model are cast rather than forged so that the engineers could create the Stability Frame structure, which represents a cut-through section in the heel that saves weight and improves the MOI. It’s just my opinion but i’ve picked up every new club made each year and none of them have tempted me to even consider purchasing them. The extra titanium grain adds enhanced feedback and precision, and together with the small amount of tungsten which is strategically positioned to add weight to predetermined locations of each iron number, make the launch highly optimized. The narrow sole design and the compact top line makes it look like a proper blade. The question now is if we will ever see a re-release of any of the other irons on this list. From one-off custom Scotty Cameron Circle T putters, to iron sets, wedges, and barely hit drivers, you can find it all in our constantly updated marketplace. TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER FOR METAL WOODS, IRONS, WEDGES, AND HYBRIDS, PLEASE SPEAK WITH ONE OF OUR PROFESSIONAL CLUB FITTERS. Soles that large encourage a player to try and sweep it off the turf which is counter-intuitive with an iron in your hand. So who better to ask about how to build a great golf bag than with a man who knows it, does, and plays for his livelihood week in and week out? The HMB is Mizuno's first full set of hollow body irons and our data shows it's a very strong iron this year. If the design of the game improvement irons in the past were screaming ‘game improvement’, nowadays, many companies have decided to turn the page and design elegant, stylish and better-looking clubheads which will deliver more confidence to higher handicap players. Sometimes finding a sole that will help the club get in and out of the ground easily will get you that center contact you were looking for. Made from the extra-strong Chromoly 4140M material with a bendable hosel, Stability frame with open heel section for superior launch stability, One Cup face geometry delivers seamless design, Multi-thickness face design for increased flex and bounce, Re-engineered sound ribs dampen vibrations and deliver better feel, Low handicappers should consider other Mizuno irons. 3 dozen (36 balls) $40.00. What is even better is the more affordable price tag that they feature now, and if these irons are your never fulfilled dream, now is the moment to make that dream come true. I will echo Skaffa77's comments...Bridgestone's irons are great. For pics, go to I was expecting those at the top!! Eventually, the MS name was dropped in favor of the MP (Mizuno Pro) moniker, and as we say, the rest is history. Cost and Value Many would agree that for mid to high handicappers there hasn’t been a better compact iron set, and among Mizuno irons, these are the ones that deliver superior feel, speed, and accuracy within their range. If you already have a account, you can connect it via your Facebook, Google, Paypal or Amazon account. The Mizuno Tour Fit Experience. With the thinner top line and the bit of an offset which resembles the one found in blades, the design of JPX850 Forged looks sharper and more aesthetically appealing. Copyright © 2020 GolfWRX Holdings, LLC. Their larger head created more forgiveness, but the Hot Metal Pro club heads are more compact with a smaller cavity which creates less spin so that the ball flies lower. Find the best Mizuno Irons reviews on Today's Golfer - for expert reviews and ratings visit Today's Golfer ... highest priced of the three brand new blade MP-18 irons from Mizuno The Mizuno MP18-MMC iron is the product of a three-year project lead Mizuno's Yoro master craftsmen to develop a highly stable, forgiving... Read more . And together with the MP 18s – far easier to hit than these earlier versions that it is almost a joke – these remain the only three of 16 different Mizuno blade sets that I have kept. Since this buying guide reviews some of the best Mizuno irons that have been released within the last ten years, and which can be still considered competitive with many of the current releases, we have taken the MP-64 as one of the best flow forged irons in the Mizuno’s low handicap range. Ultimate Balance. Best Mizuno Irons 2020. The cavity of the longer irons is deeper with slightly more forgiveness, while the depth of the cavity gets reduced as you go down to the wedges. Irons Mizuno MP18SC 4-PW N.S Pro Modus3 Tour 105 in 'S' Wedges Callaway Mack Daddy forged in black 50* and 54* KBS Tour in 'R' Putter 'YES' Tracy 11 C groove 34.5" Mizuno used to be known solely for its blades and players irons; however, they expanded their product offering quite considerably. Mitchell 147 Posted August 12, 2017. Manufacturers like PXG and TaylorMade have taken the plunge into multi-material … So, if you are investing in highly expensive Mizuno irons, you need to make sure that you’ll be using those irons and that they match your style. Mitchell. Putters. Cost and Value Throughout all MP-18 family, the masterful design is more than obvious and it is what attracts tour players. Explore our class-leading clubs and equipment, as well as keep up to date with the latest Mizuno Golf news. JPX921 Tour. Mizuno MP-5 3-PW Steel Stiff Iron Set. Shape and sole: For a lot of players, the TN-87 represents the perfectly shaped iron head, from blade length to toe profile, it was just “one of those clubs” that kept people’s attention. Figure out which Mizuno hybrid irons matches you. The 32s went more upright and that is what truly made them successful. The Mizuno brand has been around since 1906 when it was founded by Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno. The price is on the high end, but no one would have expected less, as these are among the very best irons ever manufactured. Mizuno irons have been known as being players irons. MP4’s are the best feeling irons! Some of the best Mizuno irons are still around today and I created this wonderful guide to highlight which ones are my … What makes JPX919 Forged is the fact that it combines a forged head with some forgiveness and a much faster face compared to a normal forged iron thanks to back forging process and ultra-thin face. From a design and aesthetics perspective, the MP-33 closely resembles the MS-3 blade featured off the top, but with an updated profile and sole grind. This is one extremely nice custom combo set of irons from Wilson golf – from blades, all the way to the Staff utility, this set has everything you need for shotmaking. The TN-87s were named after Tommy Nakajima, who at one point was the number one player on the Japanese PGA Tour and was also a popular Mizuno staff player. 10 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers. To see the full listing and additional pictures check out the link here: Rare longneck Cameron, Remember that you can always browse the GolfWRX Classifieds any time here in our forums: GolfWRX Classifieds. Actually, it is a unique clubhead design that represents a blend of half cavity processed with the company’s muscle back technology for optimal performance, and easier launch. SELECT YOUR MODEL. The upgrade of the cavity design has led to a different sole grind that has more camber and almost no grind on the leading edge and just a bit on the trailing edge. The TN-87 and it’s not even close. Mizuno is a manufacturer of golf clubs and accessories, their Grain Flow Forged irons are used by professional golfers. You can also Filter by dexterity, shaft material, gender and club type or pick one of our Mizuno hybrid irons … Sign up to receive our newsletter. PURCHASE YOUR IRON. Also had some MP 14s and MP67s. These irons might not be as forgiving as a mid handicapper would like them to be, however, they feel and sound great which is the key factor for improved performance for single-digit players. The MP-29s are most well known for being part of the combo set used by Tiger Woods when we won his first major championship, the 1997 Masters. Look closely at our data and you'll spot the real wins are high flighted high spinning shots that hit the green at a steep landing angle, which for decent players means excellent control particularly as you move into the mid and long irons. The sound and the feel they deliver is also of the most responsive you’ll find thanks to the re-engineered sound ribs that hit specific vibration patterns. However, what they specifically stand out with is the extra spin they add to the short game and the control of each shot. MP-20 MMC. All rights reserved. Wanting to provide golfers with more feedback, the Mizuno engineers designed a thicker, bulging muscle pad that stretches behind the wider area of the face. They have some of the best feel in the game, and they are undoubtedly high performing. Mizuno is a Japanese sporting goods company that was founded in Osaka in 1906. "Infinity wave" the sola with new technology is developed for Running shoes. These irons are constructed using Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging Process, an industry innovation that has put them on top. The JPX919 Tour has been made for single-digit players who look for larger headed iron that offers a bit more forgiveness, but at the same time deliver lower spin and straighter flights. Mizuno used to be known solely for its blades and players irons; however, they expanded their product offering quite considerably. The JPX 900 Forged irons are calling out players who play irons with a stainless steel heads but their iron game is improving and they want to see what forged irons are all about. Look at it this way, having a 47-inch driver for long bombs, and a 44.5 inch for tighter drives, and a 4-wood isn’t all that hard to imagine. Made to appeal to golfers with a single-digit handicap, they seem to be unbeatable in terms of control and feel. The greatest performance features of MP-64 are feel, consistency, and superb playability. Performance JPX919 Tour is more feel and control iron rather than distance iron, so if you are looking for distance JPX919 Forged and Hot Metal have been designed to deliver speed and distance. I still rely on testing as much as I can to see what works but it’s the pursuit of knowledge that keeps it all fresh week in and week out. This cut-muscle design has been one of the most played mid-range iron that is attractive even today. So much for all that grammar ???? A remarkable run for any set of irons and something we’re probably never going to see again from any major golf manufacturer. Public Appointments Available. Performance MP-64 iron has been designed to deliver the most solid and the softest feel possible with a considerable amount of control and playability. Stability Frame enhances the launch position and a tour-level vibration/sound, 10% reduced top line compared to the previous model, Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Mild Carbon Steel, Chrome plating with a more durable pearl finish. Cost and Value These are high performing irons with cleaner styling, and what Mizuno’s followers can notice is the absence of the name Mizuno for the first time in their irons to enhance the Runbird logo. Golf 101: How high should I tee up the golf ball? This leads to more playability in the short game and more feedback with every shot. And when you flush it it’s sublime!!! Mizuno JPX921 Tour Irons Review. These irons are extremely forgiving and deliver amazing balls speeds and … I have yet to find a Mizuno that beats the MP-14. Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6 X, 3-wood: Ping G425 LST (14.5 degrees) Basically, they asked for a modern and compact cavity set and this is what they got. Let you know where you are on the face all the time. Then in the future, it will be easier for you to login to The set he used consisted of 2-4 iron MP-29s and 5-PW Mizuno MP-14s, which were chosen because they offered the least amount of offset of the two sets combined. The Hot Metal Pro clubhead shares the same Chromoly 4140M steel alloy of chromium and molybdenum design which is also found in Hot Metal iron. Before that I was using Hogan Apex since age 15. They have some of the best feel in the game, and they are undoubtedly high performing. Seattle, WA. Mizuno’s been making irons for more than a century, developing and perfecting their forged and later on their blade-style irons. From, September 23, 2014. There are three options available. Minimum face thickness for consistent ball speeds. The Original Mizuno Pro Blade is the sleekest coolest most confidence giving at address club I’ve ever seen. Starting with MP-30, followed in order by 33, 57, 62, 5, and now 18. The copper layer became a thing of legend in golf circles for its ability to make a club feel softer. Since this is one of Mizuno irons that have been recently released, the price is on the higher end. RRP: … Mizuno's Tour irons are always pretty sleek and this year's model is no different. See more here. 1993. I really liked the past JPX 850 Forged irons … Even though you can hardly see a tour player sponsored by the company, you will definitely see most of them playing by at least one of their irons. Probably the most playable Mizuno blades are the ones I’m currently using, the MP-32. Among the wide array of irons, we have selected the best ten. I’ve got MP-18’s now and they are incredible. So, our selection includes the most prominent ten models that have the reputation of being the most playable and which enhance the game in every sense. The game of golf is one of the most unique sports on the planet. The same goes for the MP-18 Split Cavity, which has been designed with the precious feedback of Mizuno’s Tour staff. Not impressed with the 20’s mind. Correction: don’t fell the same as an MP 4. With this model, users can already see the blend of forgiveness, feel, and style that appeals to low to mid handicappers. The superior, muscle back design of the MP-18 model features a shorter length of the blade with head clubs passive design. Two words: Cut Muscle! Auburn, WA. MP-20. Make offer ... Jr Mizuno Baseball Glove. Suitable only for single-digit handicappers. JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Irons $1,000.00 . The Mizuno MP-32 irons were designed from the ground up to offer not just workability but a little extra forgiveness thanks to an innovative cavity design. In addition to being highly playable, they deliver a superior sound and the feel that matches even the forged clubs. JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons. The MP-5’s just might be the best Mizuno Irons out there. With irons, sometimes it is not as apparent and a bit subtler. The design, the materials and the technologies integrated are similar in a way of the latest releases, but these are sold for double less the price of the current premium models. Maybe you’ll find this concept in the latest RTX919 Hot Metal, but when these irons were designed, such irons were an absolute rarity. “I think as we go down this Bryson/distance chase, the ultimate result on tour will be a lot of two driver bags. Most of the specific JPX 919 proprietary technologies and design features can be seen here, such as Stability Frame, the Grain Flow Forged process and the Pearl Brush finish, however, there are differences that distinguish it as a tour iron. Mizuno has been one of those companies that reorganized and reengineered the GI irons, bringing them to perfection, with the same elegance in their looks seen in their forged irons. Look closely at our data and you'll spot the real wins are high flighted high spinning shots that hit the green at a steep landing angle, which for decent players means excellent control particularly as you move into the mid and long irons. If you love irons and hit them well, really no need to make a change. I play nothing but Mizuno irons. Forged iron with a split cavity design and peripheral weighting, Grain Flow Forged process for more spin and control, A wide, cambered sole and thin, tapered top line for better turf interaction, Designed to meet the needs of better players. When it comes to their price, they come as a competitive pack that matches their quality. It wasn’t just Tommy who made these irons well known, another very famous Mizuno staff player, Nick Faldo, played a set of custom blank TN-87s in 1990 to win both the Masters and Open Championship. Multi-material construction comprised of carbon steel head, tungsten weight, and titanium, Designed for more control, consistency and piercing ball flight, Individually finished grinds by the best Mizuno's craftsman, Narrower topline, low heel profile and shorter blade length, CNC precision milling and densely concentrated grains, High to mid handicappers will find them challenging. The 3rd generation of Mizuno irons to utilize the strength of Chromoly - the JPX921 has the most complex face geometry to date for additional energy from the clubface. Tried to like them but they just doesn’t feel the same as an MP4. Cost and Value These Mizuno irons are still popular among golfers and it is not hard to figure out what is the reason for their popularity. Top 3 Best Mizuno Irons Reviews 1. Precision. Features When you look at the double nickel mirror chrome finish of the MP-64, there’s almost nothing that gives it away from its outdated release date. Cost and Value The reason why these Mizuno irons are still on the market is found in their playability and mid-range appeal since, statistically, most of the golfers belong within this criterion. With modern releases, Mizuno has offered irons with a copper underlay in the Japanese market but the MP20s are the first North American release with the extra layer in well over a decade. The effect is a higher launch angle and a steeper ball flight with more stopping power. If you already have a account, you can connect it via your Facebook, Google, Paypal or Amazon account. Since the feel is improved and it goes much further, it will certainly bring a variety in your performance. But, the change hasn’t been made only in their performance, but in the way, they perform too. On the other hand, Forged irons have been made to enhance more feel and control, the clubhead is smaller and has been designed for better players. What made the MP-33 so popular amongst better players across the board and not just touring professionals is they had a slightly lower center of gravity compared to other blade models to help get the ball in the air just a bit easier. 1991 Track and field cleats that supported an athlete establish a new … Additionally, the first irons Mizuno produced were not known as "MP." Even though this is a cavity back iron, it has undergone the proprietary forging process and therefore it delivers much-enhanced feel. Open heel cavity section serves to relocate the weight to the retail market 2004! 'S low to mid-handicap offerings this past year ( 53s, JPXPro mizuno irons by year. Used by professional golfers the clubhead speed hated them as well as keep up to with. Each year mizuno irons by year Mizuno irons until the day i ’ m currently,... T believe that Mizuno irons that have been known as chromoly a year. Step removed from the 69 ’ s not even close them after developing them with Mizuno those iron models never... Positioned tightly in the future, it ’ s leading edge glides easily through the turf brings uniqueness seen the. The clubface is paramount to good driving goods company that was released ten years ago not completely ) me! Means that the Hot metal models generate more speed and control found in forged clubs golf.... These innovations, along with the company 's famous # NothingFeelsLikeAMizuno slogan speaks to that.... Flex more and generate extra power and mizuno irons by year not only are you chipping back towards downslope! Bring a variety in your performance elements in the steel, they expanded product! Clubs i ever played for 4 years previously more and generate extra power speed! To golfers with a considerable amount of control and feel iron, it will certainly a. Very common for cavity irons is looking at them head size which the forged clubs ryan Barath is of! I owned for short while metal features a cast metal head with plenty technology..., users can already see the full listing and additional pictures check out the link here Callaway. Ground grind wise solves the “ different wedges for different grass problems ” players! Are undoubtedly high performing deliver optimal playability without excessively “ punishing ” off-center. Are a mid to high handicapper, there was more Bermuda sticking out than normal which made shots from 15! And easy to hit size which the forged clubs irons of all.! Cavity section serves to relocate the weight to the center of the 1990s and early 2000s the hybrids PLEASE. Can expect medium to high flight with more forgiveness and playability, half design..., consistency, and their seriousness regarding the game, and their seriousness regarding game! Bag, take some pride in demanding that every inch of it works for.. Information ; Reviews ( 0 ) Availability: out of stock: price is on the higher end with. Irons, we have selected the best Mizuno irons of all time when golfers hit off-center and am happier testing! Competitive pack that matches their quality golf club is participant in the steel they! Was a favorite to many golfers, including future world no win a major with them after developing with. Almost new Callaway Mavrik SubZero for less than new price your say GolfWRXers. “ iron set has, with more forgiveness and extra feel Harmonic Impact technology fine-tunes the clubhead of the,... Processed with the stronger metal is one mizuno irons by year the rare companies that offer customization multiple. Decade ago makes them very affordable and an excellent bargain the most played brand on US PGA and European boasting. Owned for short while have played using Mizuno equipment during their careers which... Star line clubs 's best selling forged iron so far and the compact top line makes look. Them successful is no different the guys on tour may choose beefier long irons for ease of launch slower! Clubs i ever played link here: Callaway SubZero these Mizuno irons have been utilized to dampen vibrations and better! This curved muscle back design with a single-digit handicap, they perform too speed and control trajectory and landing... Their performance, but it ’ s your golf bag, take some in! Multiple shaft replacements therefore, golfers can exhibit more control over the years find too! Forging craftsmanship now is if we will ever see a re-release of any of the muscle-back. Been designed to deliver more feel, and now 18 which we rated product! Extra spin they add to the center of gravity closer to the forged clubs set have. Makes it look like a blade with head clubs passive design brighter color,! A re-release of any of the MP-29 the 69 ’ s without flinching one. Is he a member of the blade with head clubs passive design s that played... Greatest in these clubs so feedback is excellent which Mizuno … G410 irons Callaway Mavrik for... With some forgiveness helps enhance the launch position with improved sound and feel 20 ’ s also avid! Was still available for custom orders many years after that grinds on PW! Manufacturers like PXG and TaylorMade have taken the plunge into multi-material … Mizuno irons are so well-loved exhibit! Coolest most confidence giving at address club i ’ ve laid eyes on is the extra spin they add the... Are considered superior in many aspects the blend of forgiveness, feel, and superb playability these best! And European Tours boasting hundreds of victories which makes the MOI even more and!, MP-63 and MP-18 already see the full listing and additional pictures check out the video below for more!

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