August 21, 2016  draft 12:30am has evolved into

As I added articles to this site when it was still called I became very aware of a problem with the original site name. I was finding more and more articles about fascinating brain development studies and child development research. And the research was rapidly increasing in the scientific, social work, education, juvenile justice, psychology, counseling, medical and of course neurological focused institutions.

I posted about their research from the start, but as I expanded that ‘non-ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) centered coverage, it made the old name of the site less and less relevant. So I began to think yet again of the purpose of this site and how to encapsulate it into the simplest possible web address.

One day like magic, Transforming Dysfunction popped into mind, and here we are. Are site, new name.

Spaces between words and anything such as dashes to fill them are problematic to convey, but it’s well accepted now to run words together on the web.  So Viola, the new, far more descriptive name for what we have always at our core sought to be doing –

And likewise, our attempt to convey the scientific research that we believe will help us lessen the difficulties experienced by Adults form Dysfunctional Families continues as before.

Another way to put this is that we seek to reduce the traumatic stress carried forward by Adults form Dysfunctional Families by offering research based articles and ideas of how to apply them to our ongoing change of thinking


Draft v2 Sept 7, 2016

Steve Murtaugh