Just how bad was our ‘dysfunctional family’? How much sustained traumatic stress did we endure?

Now (and ever since the early 1990’s) there’s been an easy to test for it, score it then to see how our score …….

The children who grow up immersed in it become adults who are at increased risk from the great many negative health outcomes and they have much less of a feeling of well being .

It’s become easy to gage our own degree of Traumatic Stress by taking the same 10 question, one page ACE test that was taken by the original 17, 421 Kaiser patients in the original Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) studies that started in 1995.

The test was originated by Doctors Felitti and Anda as the basis of their research. They looked at the total number of Kaiser patients in the study who’d had a zero ACE score and were now reporting they were alcoholic in their Health History Database, and they compared that the number who had an ACE score of one and now indicated they were alcohoic, and so forth through to the number who’d scored 10.

Since those early studies using the 17, 421 Kaiser Health History Database records of the ACE test particpants, other researchers have developed essentially similiar variations of the original 10 question Adverse Childhood Experience test for use with other participants. The one available here would seem to be the closest to the original one used by Doctors Felitti and Anda in 1995.  It’s from the same web site the Doctors use to make themselves available as speakers at ACE related conferences or conventions. So this version would seem to be ‘theirs.’

This test is in .pdf format, so you may print it out and keep your answers and your score private. And btw I realized the hard copy strategy is ‘extra good’ because during writing this I recalled how after I first took the test myself, I’d think back and wonder how I’d answered this or that question…..and what was the wording of question x……. and……so forth.

It’s good to keep a hard copy handy for a while.


Then you can come back to ALLACAandACE.com and scroll a bit further down this column to read ‘ACEs – A Hidden Crisis’ to see how your score fits in with the various health outcomes found in a recent County by County study of ACE scores throughout California.