Wounded Places

The world premier’ of  ‘Wounded Places’ is happening Oakland on Wednesday March 29th 2015. The 650 seats are already sold out, but you can click through to a long preview of the movie toward the bottom of this page.



Wounded Places Trailer

The documentary stands on its own for this one showing, but it’s also planned for broadcast later this year as one of the several installments in ‘The Raising of America’ series on PBS TV. So you may see that title associated with Wounded Places. And check back here on ALLACAandACE for the PBS release date.


Wounded Places is about parents and children who live in the midst of multi-generational poverty, sketchy educational and health systems, and domestic and gun violence. It’s set in both Oakland and Philadelphia, but its’ conclusions address the deepest social, economic and health issues affecting everyone in our country today.

Using the documentary form factor, its narrative is told though the eyes of the poverty stricken children growing up in their stress filled world, and the researchers at prestigious institutions who describe what’s happening to these children at the level of systems, policy and biology.


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