The Adult Skill Set

This summer Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child summarized an aspect of their work with young adult parents as follows;

  1. “There’s a fairly straightforward Adult Skill Set involved in being a              successful adult parent, employee and community member.
  2. The core methods of the Adult Skill Set are learned in day to day interactions with the primary caregivers in functional families.
  3. Adults who grew up in dysfunctional families are usually missing some or most of the Adult Skill Set.” ……… and……
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Training Techniques: A Closer Look  Attention bias modification training (ABMT) is a relatively new approach that helps people regulate their anxiety levels by training the brain to avoid focusing on anxiety- inducing objects or circumstances Everyone has his or her … Continue reading →

The Still Faces Effect

One of the benefits of the Still Faces work is that it so graphically makes a useful point; the years from birth to age 5 are tremendously important for what the child learns over time about how safe or unsafe s/he is and who … Continue reading →

Get your ACE Score

It’s becoming clear to more and more people that what actually happens in ‘dysfunctional families’ is what scientists call Traumatic Stress. And the children who grow up immersed in it become adults who are at increased risk from the great many negative health and well being outcomes facing all of us. So it may become important for affected adults to seek help.

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ACEs – A Hidden Crises

Occurring during childhood, the most formative period in a person’s life, ACEs are traumatic experiences that have a profound impact on a child’s developing brain and body with lasting impacts on a person’s health and livelihood throughout their lifetime.

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